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Jim Moy, RPT
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I am a piano tuner and technician serving the Northern Colorado area. My primary service area is Fort Collins, Loveland, and Windsor. I am happy to schedule appointments via email at jim@moypiano.com or via phone at 970-292-6808.

You will enjoy your piano more when it is kept in tune!

All acoustic pianos go out of tune, from the smallest spinet to the largest grand. This is often caused by seasonal changes in humidity and other environmental changes interacting with the wood, felt, and steel materials in the piano. How quickly depends on the quality and condition of a piano, where it is located, and how much it is played.

Piano manufacturers recommend tuning a minimum of two and up to four times per year. Frequent tuning has many benefits: it keeps the piano close to the pitch it was designed for, and therefore sounding as intended; it stabilizes the piano so it does not need to be tuned as far each time; it causes the piano to undergo less stress during tuning; and of course, it sounds wonderful, and gives greater potential for making beautiful music.

Caring For Your Piano

By having me see a piano on a regular basis, you will have more accurate information about when certain work is appropriate or needed, and avoid situations that may result in unnecessary expense. I can track when a piano was last tuned, and offer gentle reminders of when it is time, based on the piano's situation and use.

After discussing service needs it may be wise to consider having further work beyond basic tuning such as action regulation and reconditioning. Of course, I can take care of repairs and maintenance work that arise during the life of a piano. I love to tune, and concentrate my studies on those areas affecting touch and tone, including action regulation and voicing. For pianos requiring substantial rework, I may refer you to local rebuilders whose focus on restoration would be appropriate for the situation.

My goal is to help care for your piano, maximizing enjoyment of and preserving your investment of money, time, and energy in it. To that end I work to improve my knowledge and skills in order to provide excellent service. I am a Registered Piano Technician member of the Piano Technicians Guild, having passed their examinations on tuning, repair, and regulation. I am a certified installer of the Dampp-Chaser humidity control system, and recommend it for maintaining piano longevity and maximizing tuning stability. My mentors in the art and craft of the piano are Richard Frederick of Laporte, Colorado and Don Rose of Regina, Saskatchewan.

What to Expect

Individual situations will vary, but at minimum during a tuning appointment I will perform the following:

Tuning takes about and hour and a half, but might be longer depending on how out of tune the piano is, its general condition, and the environment where it is located.

Tuning is best performed when the room is quiet where the piano is located, with no audible distractions such as music, TV, ceiling fans, or washing machines.

Rates and Other Details

The cost of a basic tuning is $90 and includes small pitch adjustments (less than 12 cents). Larger pitch adjustments may incur an additional $30 fee, and is sometimes required when a piano has not been tuned recently, or has not been maintained. Rates for other work such as regulation or repair are on an hourly basis, for which I can provide estimates.

The minimum cost for a service call is $50, for which some examples are basic consultation on condition, pre-purchase inspections, recommendations for work, discovering that the condition of the piano does not warrant tuning; some minor repairs.

I accept payment at the time of the appointment, or invoice as is convenient for you or your organization. I accept the major credit or debit cards, using the Square card reader I bring with me (mobile phone signal at your location required). A personal check is also fine.

Online Payment

I am able to accept online payments via the major credit and debit cards using PayPal, Amazon Payments, and Google Wallet. Click here to go to my online payment page.

Call or Email to schedule

Thanks for visiting my web page. I look forward to helping care for your piano. Afterwards, write a review on my Google Place page!

Jim Moy, RPT
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