[CAUT] Kawai KG-2C hammer shank-flange options

Andrew Anderson andrew at andersonmusic.com
Thu Mar 1 15:46:35 MST 2012

The subject is in the studio of a piano professor and has had its hammers reshaped a few times, and its knucles are the flattest I've ever seen.

I called Kawai in the hopes they would sell a pre-hung set.  No dice.  Are original hammers and parts desireable here are is there a hammer you prefer for the job?  In this case the piano is in a high ceiling studio with hard walls and floors and I was called in because it was too bright.  More than 1/2" of flat on top the hammers definately didn't help...

What hammers would you suggest sampling for the customer?

Andrew Anderson,
Artisan Piano

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