[CAUT] Kawai KG-2C hammer shank-flange options

Dale Erwin erwinspiano at aol.com
Fri Mar 2 18:22:27 MST 2012

FWIW,... here is just one comment from a recent client.
    I'm hoping to have some recordings of pianos with differetn varietys of the Ronsen hammers installed in them. I am waiting delivery for a portable hand held digital recorder recommended by an engineer on recent visit from a S.F. recording studio.
 Thanks- Dale

	Jim Carmichael-Piano Teacher Musican S.F. Ca
I keep meaning to write to thank you for the work you guys did on my Baldwin
action back in September (Ronsen Weickert felt) hammers, shanks, flanges, capstans, etc.).
Together with the expert regulation by Mark Schecter the work you did has
left me with a very special SF10 which I look forward to playing every day.
I hope we can arrange some similar transformation for my 1927 B in the not
too distant future.”

Dale Erwin RPT-
 Mason & Hamlin/Steinway/U.S pianos
Pre-hung Ronsen hammer sets/Abel parts
Sitka Soundboards & Supplies


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I just put a set of Ronsen Weickert felt on a Yamaha C3 which yielded excellent results.  Have used their Wurzen AA also.  Nicely shaped hammers and consistent predictable voicing.
Henry Nicolaides, SIU Carbondale

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> The subject is in the studio of a piano professor and has had its hammers reshaped a few times, and its knucles are the flattest I've ever seen.
> I called Kawai in the hopes they would sell a pre-hung set.  No dice.  Are original hammers and parts desireable here are is there a hammer you prefer for the job?  In this case the piano is in a high ceiling studio with hard walls and floors and I was called in because it was too bright.  More than 1/2" of flat on top the hammers definately didn't help...
> What hammers would you suggest sampling for the customer?
> Andrew Anderson,
> Artisan Piano

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