Tuners who don't play

Gittinger, Delbert M. delgit@acc-net.com
Tue, 22 Oct 1996 21:07:47 -0400

William & all,

I don't think the average home customer who "plays just for themselves" is
interested in their piano technician being a great piano artist (like the
mechanic who also drives the races).  But, they would like to know the
their technician plays at least well enough to be discerning about the
performance and sound of the piano (the mechanic can at least start the car
and drive it well enough to know if it is performing properly).

I play professionally as a pop and jazz musician.  The number(s) I play
after a tuning are chosen based upon my impression of the kind of music the
customer would like to hear.  Although I prefer to play classical music for
my relaxation and enjoyment. How could I possibly know that the stretch I
put into the tuning actually makes the piano sound better if I don't play
it - or at least someone plays it.

I wouldn't think of taking my car to a mechanic who could only start the
engine and say "yup, sounds good to me".  I expect the mechanic to take the
car for a drive too.

Del Gittinger, RPT
Registered Piano Technician
of the Piano Technicians Guild
Marion, Ohio

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