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McNeilTom at aol.com McNeilTom at aol.com
Mon Mar 5 10:03:54 MST 2012

Hi, Bill and Dale (and David) -
I, too have been using the H2.  About a year and a half now, in a  variety 
of situations with and without piano, etc.  It really is  astonishingly good 
as a portable hand-held recorder.  Also very easy to  transfer recorded 
files to your computer where you can manipulate them to your  heart's content.
There is one shortcoming to this and most similar recorders.   You'll be 
using the internal microphones.  In the case of the H2, these are  very good - 
no complaints at all - and there are four of them so you have  three usable 
arrays:  90-degree stereo pair, 120-degree stereo pair in  the opposite 
direction, or both combined for a decent 4-channel surround  sound.  You can 
plug in a remote mic, or stereo pair, using the provided  mini-TRS connector.  
However, I've found this quite unsatisfactory; just  not mechanically 
sturdy enough; and you'll have to do some 'adapting' to get any  pro mics to this 
configuration.  So, if you'll be using the recorder as  intended, as a 
stand-alone portable unit, it will be great.  If remote mics  are any part of 
your plan, do yourself a favor and get one of the (generally  more expensive) 
units with real XLR mic connectors.
Happy recording!
~ Tom McNeil  ~
Vermont Piano Restorations  

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stanwood at tiac.net writes:

Hi Bill  and Dale,

I've been using the H2.  Fabulous tool.

My friend  and associate Boaz Kirschenbaum uses the newer H1 which can 
be had for  $99.  very simple to  use.


Hope this  helps,

David Stanwood

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>Subject: Re: [CAUT] Kawai KG-2C hammer shank-flange  options

>Hi Bill
>  The unit is called an Hm-2.  It  is available from B & H in N.Y. See 
>in >formation  below
>    B&H Photo  
><mailto:ord-status at bhphotovideo.com>ord-status at bhphotovideo.com.   >Hey 
>I'll try it out and get back to ya.  I really want the  recordings to 
>sound >like THE piano!!!!.  If not the emperors  new clothes will be 

>Bil,....l thanks for the kind  words of a personal nature in regards to 
>Thanks you to you and  all concerned.
>Soli Deo  Gloria

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