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Piano Buying Information

Larry Fine's Piano Buyer site has lots of good information about buying new or used pianos. It's littered with ads, but if you can by that you'll find good advice:


Mike McDowell in Windsor, Colorado moves pianos, and has an inventory of quality used pianos for sale at the Piano Institute in Windsor:


Radio Spot

On the NPR program Here and Now, a piano tuning teacher discusses tuning "in the digital age." I am interested in the philosophical underpinnings of both techniques, and it's nice to hear about what they're teaching these days.

Click the title to go to the original web site where the story is found.


My detailed writeup on the temperament sequence I chose for taking the Piano Technicians Guild tuning exam:

Moy Piano Exam Temperament

Saved archives of the Piano Technicians Guild mailing lists, Jul 1994 thru Mar 2013 before the official discussion groups were moved to my.ptg.org.



A good way to search these archives is via Google, try search terms with this site as a qualifier. Examples:

"damper underlever site:moypiano.com/ptg"
"tuning pin ca glue site:moypiano.com/ptg/caut"
"lehman temperament site:moypiano.com/ptg/pianotech"

Because of the imperfect translation of the pipermail archives, some of the hyperlinks in these pages no longer work. But most of the main posts do.

Jim Moy, RPT
(970) 292-6808
Moy Piano Service, LLC